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Vision, mission, values and strategy

Vision, Mission, Werte und Strategie: Text
Vor Auto

Our vision

We inspire our customers with innovative lighting concepts in and around the vehicle, combined with technology and fascinating design.

Image by Helena Lopes

Our mission

Global technology leader

through long-term, sustainable corporate development

First  choice as a development and supply partner

for lighting concepts and products

Sustainable, profitable growing company

recognized by customers, employees and shareholders

First choice as an employer

among employees through corporate culture, efficiency and safety

Image by Wassim Chouak

Our values

Honesty and integrity

Honesty and integrity are the foundation stones for sustainable development and the basic principle of every employee in dealing with customers, suppliers, colleagues and other partners.

Customer satisfaction

Our future depends on how we help our customers succeed. We want to fully understand the needs of our customers and thus build a successful business relationship. 


Innovation orientation

Faced with a complex and rapidly changing external environment, we must constantly develop new technologies, products, solutions, service models and organizational management models, which keeps us competitive, energetic and prepared for risks. To drive the development of the company, we embrace change, think innovatively and use our skills.

Accept challenges

As we move forward, we will face unprecedented difficulties and challenges. The employees of our company should therefore be courageous, keep learning, take initiative and assume responsibility.


Our strategy

Innovative product offensive

​Customer offensive

High customer satisfaction through active cooperation

Location offensive

Use of the global group structure for maximum synergies

​Organizational offensive

Innovative, creative and quality, environmentally and energy-conscious employees as well as efficient and effective processes with zero error claim

Vision, Mission, Werte und Strategie: Produkte
Vision, Mission, Werte und Strategie: Text
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