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Product development process


This is how your products are created in our production halls


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Electronics, optics and  construction

Manufacturing and EMC-optimized construction of assemblies by engineers for hardware and software development
Design and simulation of optical systems by engineers for lighting technology and optics
Mechanical construction in  2D/3D design by development engineers and technicians


Pattern and  prototyping

Application of 3D printing
Testing of developed manufacturing processes by highly specialized, experienced employees

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Plastic syringes

Injection molding machines (35 -  750 tons)
3-axis CNC handling systems
2-component syringes
2 color spray
3 central material drying and supply systems

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Plastic welding

Ultrasonic welding machines
Vibration welding machines
High temperature hot plate welding



High-vacuum evaporation systems

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Foaming and adhere

KUKA six-axis robot, foaming systems
Use of 1K and 2K sealing foams/adhesives
Fully automatic in-line foaming of seals


Assembly and check

Hot staking and cold staking; crimping technique
Laser marking of components
Linked injection molding, foaming and assembly systems
3D measuring machine, optical 3D measuring machine
Mold flow analysis of injection molded parts
Positive pressure leak test, chamber, electrical function test


LFI process (Long Fiber Injection)

Glass fiber strands are fed to a robot-controlled mixing head and simultaneously inserted into the tool with polyurethane.


GMPU procedure

Glass fiber mats are placed in the open foaming tool and impregnated with polyurethane in a spraying process when the tool is closed.